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NH Avalanche History & Mission

Our History

The New Hampshire Avalanche were founded in March 2001 to provide a hockey development program with important advantages compared to traditional travel hockey organizations. The Avalanche enjoy access to the most desirable, prime-time hours at one of the cleanest, brightest, and most attractively laid out hockey facilities in New England. 

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: To provide excellent instruction and development to those youngsters truly interested in making the commitment to travel hockey, and to improvement. At the same time, we try to instill respect for teammates, opponents, and officials the virtue of old-fashioned sportsmanship that includes graciousness in both victory or defeat. We also ask parents to reinforce these lessons with their own behavior at the rink. Just as importantly, we strive to provide a positive and friendly environment so that hockey remains fun, and kids develop a love for the game, as well as athletic skill. Lastly, we try to teach children one of hockey’s greatest lessons that hard work produces rewards.